Spirit and Liqueur Making

Making quality Spirits and Liqueurs at home is so easy.
The first step is to make the alcohol by mixing sugar and water, then adding Still Spirits Turbo (a mixture of yeast and nutrients) and leaving the mixture to ferment.
The fermented mixture is then added to a still and the alcohol distilled out.
Water is added to the alcohol to bring the strength down to 40% absolute volume, then the mix is filtered to remove any unwanted tastes and smells.
All that's left to do now is flavour your choice of flavour and ENJOY!


Simply Brewing Stills

We have a large variety of different stills for purchase, ranging from Pot Stills to Reflux Stills. Please contact us for further information

This is the next generation of equipment for home distilling, and can distill at a rate of over 2 litres per hour at 90% ABV.

EURO 30 Still
This still's two elements ensures that distilling starts quickly, and a 600mm reflux tower gives approximately 3 litres of spirit at 92% ABV.

Stainless Steel SUPER REFLUX Still 25lt
Featuring a reflux chamber filled with ceramic saddles this Still produces higher strength and better quality spirit than Still Spirits Standard Reflux Still

Stainless Steel REFLUX Still 25lt
This Still represent the best value for money available in New Zealand for those who wish to distill on a fairly frequent basis.

Stainless Steel POT Still 25lt
This Still is ideal for those wanting to make Essential Oils, or liqueurs and spirits that will be mixed with splits, such as coke


Other Distilling Equipment

Bubbler Airlock
Italian Bottle Brush
Brewcraft Heater Belt
Brewcraft Heater Pad
CCC Copper Converter for Standard Pot Still
CCC Copper Converter for Lg Reflus Still
High Activity Carbon
Primary Carbon
Primary Carbon 500g
Finishing Carbon
Finishing Carbon 500g
Twin pack Carbon 120g
30L Fermenter, Tap & Thermometer
Essencia Carbon Filter
Essencia Water Filter
Essencia Copper Mesh Set
Essencia Universal Carbon
Essencia Carbon Cartridge
Essencia Dome Ceramic Filter
Essencia Water Filter Cartridge
Still Spirits Stainless filter standard
Large Filter Paper 5pk
Filter Papers pk 20
Z Filter System
Z Carbon Filter Upgrade Kit
Z Carbon Universal 195g
Z Carbon Universal 600g
Z Small Filter Paper 5pk

Heater Belt
Heater Pad
Spirit Hydrometer 0 - 100
Glass Trial Jar 100ml
Glass Trial Jar 250ml
Decanter Clip Top Jar 500ml
Glass Jar 5lt inc Clip Top
Glass Spirit Bottles 1125ml (12)
PET Spirit Bottle &#amp; Lid 1125ml
PET Spirit Flask 500ml
30ml Plastic Measure
1 ltr Graduated Plastic Jug
3 ltr Garduated Plasitc Jug
5 ltr Graduated Plastic Jug
Din Jug Cord, 3 Flat Pins
Paddle 590mm
Plastic Stirrer - 41cm
Steriliser Cleaner / Bottlewash 250g
Steriliser Cleaner
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer Battery
Thermometer Strip (10 - 40°C)
Thermometer (10 - 110°C) 30cm
Threaded Black Metal Spirit Caps pk 10
Threaded Gold Metal Spirit Caps pk 10
Threaded White Metal Spirit Caps pk 10

From Harvest to Moonshine Book
Lore of Still Building Book
Moonshine Made Simple
Top Shelf Cocktail Book
Whiskey Profile Recipe Book


Spirit and Liqueur Distillation Ingredients

Cream Liqueur Base
Red Liqueur Base A 220g
Red Liqueur Base B 260g
Red Liqueur Base C 320g
Spirits Unlimited Liqueur Base 400ml
Spirits Unlimited Liqueur Base ltr
Still Sprits Schnapps Base 300g
Liquid Glucose 350ml
Liquid Glucose 900ml
Eazi-Mix Finisher, Spirits YELLOW 100g
Production Kit with High Activity Carbon
Still Spirits Turbo Production Pack 6kg

Code 6 Hyper Yeast
Essencia Super 6 Yeast
Essencia Super 6 Combo Pack Special
Still Spirits 24 hour yeast
Still Spirits 48 hour yeast
Still Spirits Classic Turbo Yeast
Still Spirits Express
Still Spirits Express Turbo Yeast
Still Spirits Heat Wave Turbo Yeast
Still Spirits Production Pack
Still Spirits Triple Distilled Yeast
Still Spirits Turbo Clear
Still Spirits Turbo Power 23